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Babies don't come with instructions...

We hear this from every parent. No matter the education level or other experience – the minute a new parent holds their baby, anxiety is right there with amazing love. Parents need to KNOW HOW to be their child’s first and best teacher. Just like learning to ride a bike…it can be done on your own (with lots of falls and scrapes). Or….a parent can be coached by someone who is experienced. That’s why home-visiting, Mother Mentoring, and other coaching techniques are highly recommended. And why United Way is proud to lead the way to bring these programs to Skagit valley.


The Heckman Curve

This graphic shows that the highest rate of economic returns comes from the earliest investments in children, providing an eye-opening understanding that society invests too much money on later development when it is often too late to provide great value. It shows the economic benefits of investing early and building skill upon skill to provide greater success to more children as well as greater productivity and reduced social spending for society.


Lyndie Case

Early Learning Coordinator
Children’s Council of Skagit County

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Video: When we change the first 5 years of life…we change everything. Watch!!

Bold Steps Video